Processing Management System

Processing Management System

Offset Printing Press Process Management System

It is a process management system thats used to manage and track all work orders. The system providers multiple logins with user role management. when a new work order comes we create a new work order in system, then the work is assigned to the designer for designing and proof clearing process. the designer can see the works allotted to them through their login. after design and proofing completed the works moves to printing section, where the printer get all the details what he/she needs to print such as paper type, colour, required qty and all other required informations for full-filling the job. after completing the printing job, the printer marks the job done alone with the utilised paper details. then the work is moves to post-printing operation, after the post print work completes its also marked. after all these process the works shows ready for delivery.

when the client collects the order in system we mark it as delivered. after delivering the product the system adds the work details alone with party name, mobile number and amount to receivables list. upon on receiving the payment its also marks received in receivables list.

this system also provide Business intelligence options like paper advisor and paper purchase list This system is developed in php CodeIgniter framework and mySql.